What is the best way to make the payment of Credit Card bills?

  • Published on: 21 Nov 2023
What is the best way to make the payment of Credit Card bills?

For payment of credit card bills, card issuers give you several convenient online and offline options. Card issuers generate a statement for every billing cycle of around 27- 31 days. This statement includes your outstanding balance and the minimum amount you must pay before the due date.

You should try to pay the entire outstanding amount to avoid any interest the issuer may levy in case of non-payment. However, you can also pay the minimum balance if that fits your budget better. Either way, you must pay on time to avoid additional charges and keep your creditworthiness intact. 

Read on to learn the different modes and steps you can follow for payment of credit card bills. 

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How do you pay a Credit Card bill online?

Online payment of credit card bills is hassle-free, quicker and easier. Here are the different options that answer the question, ‘How do you pay a credit card bill online?’

  • Net Banking

With these simple steps, you can simply pay your credit card bills at any time: 

Step 1: Log in to your account with your user ID and password
Step 2: Go to the ‘Credit Card’ section
Step 3: Select the credit card
Step 4: Select the mode of payment and account
Step 5: Complete the transaction

Note that the transaction can take 3 to 5 working days to reflect, so plan your payment accordingly. 

  • Auto-Debit Facility

Auto debit facility is another option for bill payment of credit cards. You can set up this facility to permit your card issuer to automatically debit the billing amount from your savings account. This way, you do not have to keep rechecking your statement to verify the right due date. However, ensure that you maintain the ideal balance, so the transaction doesn’t fail.

  • Mobile Wallet

Thanks to many third-party payment apps, timely bill payment has become easier and faster. You can use Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm or any other app and pay your bill by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the payment app
Step 2: Click on the ‘Pay Bills’ tab
Step 3: Select ‘Credit Card Bill Payment’
Step 4: Enter your card details and amount
Step 5: Select wallet as a payment option
Step 6: Confirm the payment

Note that you must maintain the required funds in your mobile wallet to complete your payment. 

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How do you pay a Credit Card bill offline?

Here are some easy options on how you can pay a credit card bill offline: 

  • At ATMs

If you have a credit card from the same bank where you have a savings account, you can also pay the bill via an ATM.  Place your debit card into the machine slot of your bank’s ATM and select the ‘Credit card bill payment’ option. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the bill payment. 

  • Through Customer Care

Customer care can also help pay your bill in special cases. However, you must have the same credit and debit card provider to enjoy this facility. You can call your credit card customer care and request them for the bill payment facility. The bank will transfer funds towards bill payment after confirming and verifying your details. 

  • Through a Branch 

If you want to clear your billing amount in cash, then you can visit the nearest branch of your credit card issuer. Here, you can submit the cash amount and make the payment. However, make sure to collect the payment receipt as proof of payment. Also, the issuer may levy a nominal charge if you opt for this facility.

Using the aforementioned options, payment of credit card bills is as easy as it can be. Be wary of the due date and try clearing your dues without any delay. If you plan to get a credit card, you may opt for the latest offering from Fibe. 

The Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card is India’s first numberless card with enhanced security features. The card comes with a host of features and benefits, including hassle-free and seamless bill payment. Simply download the Fibe App or register on our website to apply and enjoy a wide array of exciting features!

FAQs on How to Pay Credit Card Bills

How can I pay a credit card bill online?

To pay your credit card bill online, log in to your credit card net banking account or mobile app and make payments through the different modes available. You can also pay the due amount through NEFT and IMPS from your savings or current account. Moreover, if your card is linked to any payment apps, you can also use that for bill payment of credit cards.  

Is it good to pay a credit card bill early?

Paying credit card bills before the stipulated timeline has many advantages. You can avoid any late charges on your credit card. This also lowers your credit card utilisation ratio and improves your credit score. Moreover, paying the outstanding amount also restores your limit, allowing you to make the most of your card.

What is the best time to pay a credit card bill?

Ideally, you can complete bill payment of credit cards before the due date to enjoy continued access to their benefits and avoid additional charges.


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