Planning to Get a Loan for IVF Treatment? Know everything here

  • Published on: 27 Jun 2024
Planning to Get a Loan for IVF Treatment? Know everything here

With the advancement of technology, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) comes as a solution to help couples conceive and realise the dream of having a child. However, this treatment can be expensive, and not many can afford it easily. 

Thankfully, you can get a loan for IVF treatment nowadays from various financial institutions. By opting for this form of credit, you can cover all the expenses associated with this treatment, such as:

  • Medication
  • Treatment costs
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Consultation fees
  • Hospitalisation charges

A personal loan is the perfect solution to help address this need as they come with no restriction on the end usage. Therefore, you can pay for such expenses easily and repay the borrowed amount in affordable instalments without any worries. Understand how this treatment works and the essential points to remember while opting for it.

Features and Benefits of Opting for a Personal Loan for IVF Treatment

Getting a loan for this treatment is a smart decision to finance the costs of the treatment and realise your dream of having a child. Here are some features and benefits of this option:

  • You can obtain ample funding effortlessly to cover expensive treatment costs without any hassle.
  • You get to enjoy competitive interest rates, which allow you to cover treatment costs affordably.
  • You don’t need to pledge any collateral to get the funds, as personal loans are generally unsecured forms of credit. 
  • You can get the required amount with easy-to-meet eligibility criteria and minimal paperwork.
  • You can expect swift approval and disbursement of the loan if you have a high credit score.
  • You can use the loan amount to cover various expenses, such as medical tests, hospitalisation charges and other treatment facilities, as there are no restrictions on usage.
  • You can select a suitable repayment duration and repay the loan amount with budget-friendly EMIs.

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Factors to Consider When Getting a Personal Loan for IVF Treatment

Financing this treatment is an essential decision which demands adequate consideration. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Loan Amount

Consult a specialist and decide on the amount you need to borrow. By knowing this beforehand, you’ll borrow exactly what you need. This will make the repayment easier and avoid unnecessary rejections, which can harm your credit score.

Interest Rate

The rate of interest at which you get the loan influences the overall borrowing cost. So, research and compare rates offered by various lenders and choose one that offers the best deal. In addition to the interest rates, check the fees and charges associated with the loan as well.

Loan Duration

Most lenders offer you the flexibility of selecting the repayment duration. Assess your financial situation thoroughly, considering your budget, income, monthly expenses, etc. This will help you make the right decision and allow for seamless repayments. 

Repayment Options

Getting funds also comes with the responsibility of making timely repayments. Delayed EMIs can lead to late repayment charges, high-interest costs and other severe consequences. Talk to the lender beforehand regarding the repayment options they allow. 

Eligibility and Documentation

Before applying for a personal loan, check the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements. This will help you understand if you qualify for a loan and plan your application better.

Loan Disbursal

Contact the lender to check the average time they take to process the application and disburse the amount to your bank accounts. This will help you assess if you’ll receive the funds on time and continue with the IVF treatment as per the scheduled timeline.

Application Process

As you get busy preparing for the treatment, applying for a loan offline and submitting hefty paperwork at the branch can be difficult. Check if the lender allows you to apply online. This will help you get the required funding without any hassles.

When getting a loan for IVF treatment in India or abroad, choosing the right lender can make the process much easier. Consider getting an Instant Cash Loan from Fibe and handle these expenses conveniently! You can get up to ₹5 lakhs with easy-to-meet eligibility criteria and minimal documentation. 

Download the Instant Loan App here to get the funds and start the treatment, or apply via our website.

FAQs on How to Finance IVF Treatment Costs with a Personal Loan in India

How do I get IVF funding?

You can get personal loans for IVF treatments from various institutions, like Fibe. You can also finance your treatment with these alternatives:

  • You can use a credit card
  • You can use your existing savings 
  • You can get a loan by pledging assets like property, gold, etc.

How much money is required for IVF in India?

The treatment cost depends on various factors:

  • Your age and location
  • Fertility clinic that you choose
  • Cause of infertility
  • Number of cycles required

Can I get a loan for IVF?

Yes, you can easily get the required funds from various lenders, such as NBFCs, banks or even IVF financing companies.


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