We all need a Plan – B: Instant cash loans

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 4 Nov 2019
We all need a Plan – B: Instant cash loans

Life throws us plenty of surprises, or even shocks – such as job loss, sickness or death of a family member. The perturbations that originate can leave a lasting impact on the family. While these shocks may be dramatic, even small currents can pile up and push us off-course. Even seemingly small financial emergencies can have an impact over the long-term. 

So the idea is to create a plan – a Plan B to cover against financial shocks and also to allow you to pursue your goals. Living a perfect life may be a pipe dream, but a plan B can certainly help you move closer to it by building an adaptive financial planning mindset. Read on to find more.

Do I Need a Plan-B?

Life is not just a series of unexpected events. There are some events we can see coming from a long way off. For example, your wish to gift your parents a vacation or to buy your child a new laptop is often left to the mercy of time. If you think its hard now and will be easier later, then you are fooling yourself. 

Inflation raises the uncertainty associated with our finances. As inflation increases, purchasing power goes down. However, that does not mean we should be completely at the mercy of chance. There is a need to make small yet significant changes in our lives in order to compensate for external changes in our world. 

Downsizing from a 2400-square feet apartment to a 500 square feet apartment is a big ask. Pulling out your children from a reputed private school or delaying putting them in a school you want them to study for the shortfall of money is not fair. What you can do from an early age is putting part of your annual bonus and a fixed proportion of your earnings in a separate account. Maintain this discipline and take on small consumption sacrifices now in order to avoid a gut-wrenching expenditure cut in future. 

We cannot control everything and no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. All we can do is make an attempt to smoothen the path. Our savings may not be enough to cover for financial emergencies and this is when instant cash loans act as a cushion. 

Instant Cash Loans: Plan B

Many of us may prepare to expect the unexpected, but of course that isn’t a fool proof strategy. Some threat or even opportunities, can come at us sideways. This is where an instant cash loan comes handy. The good news is that it does not even require you to cut down on your standard of living in half. A quick instant loan can be processed within 24 hours and the entire application process is online. 

The process is fairly easy – you can apply for an instant cash loan online on Fibe. Advance salary apps can end your cash troubles and also help in meeting emergency expenses until your next salary is credited. 

Fibe offers 24×7 quick loans without the pressure of repaying it under strict schedules. An advance salary app can turn around your life for the better in more than one way. Here are a few: 

1. Easy Application, Quick Disbursal

Forget exhaustive paperwork. The Fibe app involves no physical forms as the process is supplemented with eKYC. Personal  loan approval may take 7-15 working days but an instant cash loan is disbursed within 24 hours of your application and approval. 

2. Low-Cost Loans and Exclusive Offers

Fibe offers instant cash loans at nominal interest rates. Considering the inflationary trends in our economy, this translates into extra savings. You can also avail of additional discounts when you shop or book through partner brands such as BigBazaar and MakeMyTrip. 

3. Flexible Repayment Terms

Fibe’s instant cash loans can be repaid fairly effortless, with easy repayment options. Their flexible tenure lets creditors consolidate their debt, schedule payments, pay off bills and meet other emergency financial emergencies.

Sudden surprises can be exciting and thrilling too. An instant cash loan can assist you in times of crisis, and also monetise limited period opportunities. A cash loan is an ideal plan B as it equips you to better absorb the stuff that’s thrown your way and get back to the things that are important!


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