How to select the right AC for your budget

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 27 Apr 2021
How to select the right AC for your budget

Summers can be difficult, and in major parts of India can sometimes literally overheat your body, peace, and comfort. Therefore these days, it has become a necessity to have an air-conditioner at home. But getting them is not the easiest deal. After all, you have to look through all the different ACs and their features and then select one that fits your budget. The question is how to select the best one and get one within your budget, or with the help of an instant online loan for ACs? You can use the ideas mentioned below to find the perfect AC for your needs.

The type of AC

Air conditioners are mainly available in two configurations, a window AC or a split AC. Both of them have certain pros and cons. While windows ACs are generally cheaper and easier to install, they can be very noisy. On the other hand, split ACs make less noise but are more expensive and difficult to install. Even though window ACs are not as energy-efficient as split ACs, it doesn’t need to have two units (external and internal) installed due to its mono-block design.


You certainly want your room cooled enough for your comfort, and that too in minimal time. The capacity/tonnage of the AC is determined by the size of the room, the average temperature in your region, the number of heat sources, the number of windows, and certain rules of thermodynamics. You can use the given chart below to determine the required capacity of your AC. If your total score is higher than the recommended scores in the chart, you could use multiple cooling units instead.

Energy Efficiency

The more stars you see on the BEE star rating scale for an AC, the more energy-efficient it is. Although it comes with its cons, given that higher ratings would mean a more expensive unit, you must consider the long-term benefits. A 5-star AC can be up to 35% energy efficient over a 1-star AC, which means it cools more efficiently with a lesser amount of electricity consumed. You could always cover up shortfalls in your AC budget with a hassle-free instant cash loan, ensuring a comfortable stay at home without breaking the bank.

Inverter vs. Non-inverter ACs

Inverters operate by converting DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). Traditionally ACs double-task by converting AC from the electric socket to DC to operate and then converting power back into AC for the compressor (external unit). This is a less efficient model, as the compressor always either ran at full power or was turned off. Inverter ACs are dynamic in switching frequencies, allowing the compressor to run at different levels according to the room’s current temperature, thus working more efficiently. However, inverter ACs can be more expensive and take more time to cool, given the complex circuitry.

Other factors

There can be additional features to consider before getting an AC. This could include the type and efficiency of the air filters, heating capabilities for chilly winters, the ability to set a timer, etc. The more features an AC has, the more expensive it will be in general. However, with an online cash loan, you could easily choose the best AC for your needs without worrying about emptying your savings for it.

After choosing an AC, what now?

After considering all these factors, the next logical question would be how to get an AC within your budget. It’s best not to go cheap on build quality, as an AC is an integral part of your home, and repairs can take out a good chunk of your time, comfort, and finances. With an instant online personal loan, you could easily finance the best possible high-quality AC for your needs. Once you have decided on your perfect AC unit, you can look for multiple ways to finance that, like getting an instant online personal loan, online cash loan, or a salary advance. If you are looking for a hassle-free instant loan covering air conditioners, look nowhere else but Fibe. Fibe’s personal loan for your AC is transferred directly to your bank account and can be applied online with minimal paperwork, with high approval rates.

There are no hidden charges or prepayment schedules; you can get your personal loan for AC as low as Rs.9 per day hassle-free. There is instant disbursal up to Rs. 5, 00,000 for your AC loan amount; a flexible repayment tenure ranging from 90 to 730 days.

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Source: AC Buying Guide – How to choose the best air conditioner


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