How can you make your Valentine’s day special but in a pocket-friendly way?

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 9 Feb 2021
How can you make your Valentine’s day special but in a pocket-friendly way?

The month of love has begun, with couples eagerly looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s day. The day can be really notorious for making you overspend, and can be quite expensive.  This is especially true if you’re looking to buy gifts for your Valentine, take your Valentine to a decent restaurant, or are planning a road trip somewhere. As important as Valentine’s day can be in a healthy relationship, it is important that you plan your finances well in advance, to ensure a truly stress-free and romantic Valentine’s

However, if you haven’t planned something in advance, and if you’re on a tight budget, here are some tips that can make your Valentine’s day special without spending a lot of money. 

Take a tech detox

Keep your phone and laptop aside for a day. 
Give rest to your eyes and time to your relationship. It’s subtle, but it can perform as a romantic gesture. Give more time to your partner rather than just scrolling down your social media feed. Choosing social media over love doesn’t sound like an intelligent decision, does it? 

Starting your day by making breakfast

Wake up before your partner and prepare a beautiful and delicious breakfast. What would be a better start to a lovely day with a lovely breakfast? As soon as your love wakes up, surprise them with your special breakfast.

Book your vacations in advance

Covid did pretty much hit the travel industry hard. But 2021 looks far brighter, and we may finally get to satiate the wanderers in us again. Take full advantage of this opportunity, and book your vacation tickets much in advance. You’ll get a good deal, and there’s always Fibe travel loans to assist you as well!

Cook together

Couples who cook together stay together“. Cooking together is often considered acute activity. Cooking together gives more time to the couple to interact with each other and share some moments which may result in a more healthy relationship between the two. Cook together more often to create a deeper bond and strengthen your relationship.

Play some board/card games 

Enough of those online multiplayer games with your friends now it’s time to take some time off for your love. Playing board and card games also increases interaction between couples and it’s a great time spend too.

Still, want materialistic gifts? Grab those online coupons 

If it’s the latest and greatest items – tech gadgets, home decor, or even fashion – that you want to gift your Valentine, you might as well grab some coupons on those while you’re at it. Keep an eye on the offers and discounts. And of course, there are Fibe shopping loans to enable any purchase you desire.

Have a candlelight dinner 

At the end of a lovely day, what’s better than a romantic candlelight dinner with the love of your life? No need to pay expensive bills at restaurants, have your candlelight dinner at home only. Surround your house with a romantic aroma, turn on some romantic music,  light up some candles, prepare some delicious dishes and there you go.

The Fibe Way

With products such as cash loans and the Salary Card, Fibe is happy to play a role in ensuring you don’t have to worry about cash on Valentine’s. With shopping loans allowing you to purchase directly from eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, you can ensure you purchase the perfect gift for your partner. Or better, you can plan a trip in the future, after the risk of COVID is mitigated, with travel loans in partnership with MakeMyTrip

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