Credit Card Statement: What is it, how to download it and more?

  • Updated on: 22 Nov 2023
  • Published on: 21 Nov 2023
Credit Card Statement: What is it, how to download it and more?

A credit card statement can be an essential tool that can help you manage your transactions wisely and without much hassle. The card provider generates this document at the end of every billing cycle or at the cardholder’s request. 

While you can check your billing amount and other important details with the credit card statement, it also helps you monitor unauthorised transactions. In addition, keeping track of your credit card history enables you to use the card wisely. 

Moreover, checking the upcoming due date on the statement can help you dodge late payment penalties. Read on to learn the steps of how to download credit card statements, details you can find, and more. 

What details appear on your Credit Card statement? 

Here are a few important details you can get using the statement.

  • Your Personal Information: This includes your full name, address, contact information, email ID, etc.
  • Payment Due Date: The last date to pay bills, after which the issuer will charge late payment fees.
  • Total Billing Amount: The entire amount you need to pay, including withdrawal amount, balance carried forward from the last billing cycle, late fees, service charge, etc.
  • Minimum Amount Due: The minimum amount you must pay to continue using the credit card, which is usually 5% of the total amount due.
  • Grace Period: The timeline between the closing date of the billing cycle and the due date, which is the duration when the card issuer does not charge any late payment fee.
  • Credit Limit: It refers to the maximum amount you can withdraw or use. 
  • Outstanding Balance: This means the total amount you owe to the credit card issuer.
  • Transaction History: The record of all card transactions initiated within the billing cycle.
  • Banking Fees: All the fees and charges added to your bill, including interest, cash advance charges, late payment fees, service charges, etc.
  • Rewards and offers: This means the total accumulated reward points with their expiry dates.

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How to get your Credit Card statement?

If you are wondering, “How to know credit card statement details?” keep in mind that issuers allow you to generate your statement online or by contacting your bank. Here’s how you can easily get your credit card statement. 

  • Generate Your Statement Online

If you want to generate your statement quickly, you can opt for the net banking option. Visiting the issuer’s website and logging in to your account allows you to access your statement. Here, you can review your statement under the card section and save the same in PDF format. 

Another method to get your statement online is through email. You can register your email ID with the issuer to receive a monthly statement. You will receive your statement on a fixed date, depending on your billing cycle. This file will be password protected, so your details remain safe. 

  • Get Your Statement Offline

To get your credit card account statement offline, you can request your issuer for a physical copy. The issuer will send the document to your registered residential address. However, credit card issuers request their customers to opt for online methods. Since this document contains sensitive information, sending a physical statement is risky. 

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Why is a Credit Card statement important? 

Your statement helps you easily keep track of your finances. Here are some of its benefits:

  • It helps you track the credit card due date and the minimum due amount
  • It maintains transparency and helps avoid errors or fraud
  • It gives you information on your outstanding amount and credit limit
  • It helps you plan your finances better
  • It helps you review the fees and charges levied by your credit card issuer 

Considering these benefits, you can plan your finances with ease using a card statement. While all the information it has is crucial, pay special attention to the due date mentioned. This is because paying your bill after this date may incur penalties and late payment changes. 

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FAQs on Credit Card Statements

Can I see my bank credit card statement online?

Card issuers will send your card statement online via email upon request. Another option to check your credit card statement and credit history online is via net banking. 

How to log in to my credit card account?

To log into your credit card net banking account, you can use your customer ID and password provided by the card issuer.


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