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Know How To Apply for the Same Credit Card Twice!

  • Published on: 28 Jun 2024
Know How To Apply for the Same Credit Card Twice!

While getting a credit card, one can think if they should get it or try something else, Maybe you cancelled a card in the past but now realise it was perfect for you. So, can you apply for the same credit card twice? 

The good news is – you can definitely apply again for the same credit card! Your odds of a yes are high if you do it right. Credit card companies understand that applicants’ financial situations change. Just because you didn’t qualify before doesn’t mean you won’t now. In fact, reapplying demonstrates you’re still interested in their product.

Tips to get Approved for the Credit Card You Want

1. Build Your Credit in the Meantime

Use the time between applications to improve your credit profile. Pay all bills on time, pay down balances and correct any errors on your credit reports. The better your score and financial health, the higher your approval odds.

2. Know the Optimal Reapplication Timelines

Don’t reapply too soon. Give yourself at least 6 months or 1 year, before submitting a new application. This shows the credit card company that time has passed and your finances have improved.

3. Leverage Your Relationship

If you already have a card with the issuer, highlight this in your application. Companies prefer to expand relationships with existing customers over opening accounts with strangers.

4. Mention Any Positive Changes

Emphasise if your income has increased or you have new assets or employment. This demonstrates your creditworthiness has improved since your last application.

5. Try Alternate Cards First

If denied again for your top choice, accept if you’re approved for a different card with the company first. Down the road, you can request an upgrade or product change for the specific card you ultimately want.

Why Would You Want To Apply for Same Credit Card?

There are a few reasons why you may want to apply again for a credit card you previously had or were rejected for:

  • Your credit score has improved since you last applied. Credit card companies regularly check credit reports when reviewing applications. If your score has gone up significantly, you may now qualify when you didn’t before.
  • You want to take advantage of a new sign-up bonus or promotion. Banks often give cash or miles to new customers. Existing customers usually don’t qualify for these special offers.
  • You need access to a specific benefit or feature again. If you cancel a card with useful benefits you now want again, reapplying can help regain them.
  • The card matches your life and spending better now than before.

Can I Apply for the Same Credit Card Again?

When you reapply after some time has passed, either to the same card or issuer, here are key factors that can determine if you’ll get approved:

  • How long has it been since your last application? Issuers generally want to see 6 months to a year or more between applications. Anything sooner may get automatically rejected.
  • Your current credit scores and profile. Improved creditworthiness can override a prior denial. But if your profile is relatively unchanged, chances of approval are slim.
  • Any change in income or assets. Higher income or new assets tend to boost eligibility. Provide updated details on your application.
  • The card’s own application rules. Some issuers allow reapplications in as little as 30 days, while others make you wait much longer.
  • Whether you’re an existing or past customer. Active cardholders often get preference over those reapplying after cancelling their card.

You can checkout the benefits of Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card. It is a Rupay card which can be linked with UPI for quick and convenient transactions. It also offers up to 3% cashback across various categories, such as entertainment, food delivery and more. 

With this card, you can also enjoy 4 complimentary airport lounge access in a year at select airports. What’s more? You get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on your fuel purchases, among other benefits. It’s also easy on your pockets as it comes with zero joining and annual renewal fees. 

To get your hands on the card, install the Fibe App or apply through the website.


What happens if I apply for a credit card twice?

The card company will look closer at your second try. They check your credit scores, the money you make and current credit limits. This helps them see if you qualify now when you didn’t before. Applying a lot in a short time can also hurt your credit.

How long until you can reapply for the same credit card?

It’s best to wait at least six months before trying for the same card again. Some banks may want you to wait a year or more. This wait gives you time to improve your financial situation. If you apply too soon, they may say no right away.


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