Can instant loans help in improving your credit score?

  • Updated on: 5 Mar 2024
  • Published on: 24 Apr 2018
Can instant loans help in improving your credit score?

Are you broke by the end of the month? Waiting for the salary to be credited to your bank account to meet an emergency at hand?  Here’s the solution for you. Look forward to instant cash loans to meet an emergency requirement.

Instant cash loans provide you with the required cash loans whenever you need it and that too, with low-interest rates. All you have to do is fill up a simple application form and submit the required documents along with it. Once your application is approved, the required cash is transferred to your bank account immediately.

Benefits of immediate cash loans

· Loans are granted as and when needed.

· Less interest rates.

· Procedure for applying for instant cash loans is simple and easy to grasp.

· Immediate cash loans can be availed through a user-friendly mobile application thus making the entire process less cumbersome.

· Secured and time-saving process.

· Paperwork isn’t required. Thus it is devoid of any hassles required for the traditional loan processing system.

· Easy and Flexible

· Extra cost overheads aren’t involved.

· It can also help improve your credit score.

How to Improve Your Credit Score through Instant Cash Loans?

Credit score determines the loan repayment history of an individual. In other words, it states how likely are you able to meet your financial commitments.

A good credit score implies you have repaid your debts on time, and you are likely to pay back your debts on time in future as well.

A credit file is a database which maintains a detailed history of credits for each and every individual. A credit file has three sections:

1. Consumer Credit Information

2. Commercial Credit Information.

3. Public Credit Information.

The instant loans you apply for are categorized under the consumer credit information which includes various details such as a type of credit you’ve applied for, opening and closing date of the account, credit limit and payment history.

If you repay your loan on time, you have higher chances of improving your credit score and this may prove useful for accessing the loans in future. The lenders have a clear idea about your repayment capability by just looking at your credit file.

Tips to Improve Your Credit History:

· Applying for too many loans at a time can be a bad sign for a prospective lender. What made you apply for so many loans at a time, is the first question popped up in the heads of the lender.

· Late payments or a missed payment can negatively affect your credit score. Make sure you clear off your payments on or before the deadline.

· Not only applying for too many loans at one time but also making too many applications within a short span of time indicates your finances aren’t in good position.

· Decide a judicial amount of a loan. Too much of it may overburden you and as a result, you may not be able to repay on time thus affecting your credit score.

· Apply for a loan only when you need it. Avoid making frivolous loan applications.


Keeping in mind the above tips can help in improving your credit score greatly and thus aids in accessing the future loans easily.

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