Access to airport lounges with Credit Cards: Everything you need to know

  • Published on: 30 Nov 2023
Access to airport lounges with Credit Cards: Everything you need to know

Complementary access to airport lounges with credit cards can be a real boon during long waiting hours before boarding a flight. For frequent flyers, this facility provides a great respite from the chaos and stress of travelling. By availing of free credit card lounge access, you can also save yourself from this costly expense. 

To know more about the credit cards with lounge access and how you can make the most of this facility, read on. 

What are lounge access Credit Cards?

Lounge access credit cards are a type of credit card that provides the cardholder with complimentary or discounted access to airport lounges. These credit cards allow you to benefit from comfortable waiting areas and other amenities. 

Airport lounge access is quite costly and available only to first-class and business-class travellers. However, economy travellers can also get access to airport lounges with credit cards. Some lounge access credit cards also offer air miles. 

You can also use these cards to enjoy other benefits, like discounts and offers on shopping, dining, entertainment and other spending. 

How to get access to airport lounges with a Credit Card?

While credit cards with lounge access work in different ways, you can generally enjoy this facility by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Check your credit card issuer’s website to locate the partner airport lounge
  • Step 2: Visit the lounge and go to the check-in desk to get access
  • Step 3: Present your boarding pass and credit card for verification 
  • Step 4: Once your verification is complete, the staff member will grant you access to airport lounges with a credit card

Benefits of Airport Lounge Access with Credit Cards

These are some of the advantages you can enjoy with credit cards with lounge access:

  • With a credit card, lounge access is free for cardholders, based on the issuer’s terms
  • Some credit cards also offer air miles, which you can use to enjoy discounts on flight tickets
  • You can enjoy various amenities, such as free access to a relaxing and comfortable waiting area, food, beverages, WiFi, etc.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cards with Airport Lounge Access

When selecting a credit card offering complementary and discounted access to the airport lounge:

  1. Assess the type of airport and lounges where you can get access with a credit card.
  2. Check the number of complimentary visits that the credit card entitles you to.
  3. While some credit cards offer lounge access to international and domestic airports, other cards provide access only to lounges in domestic airports. Hence, check these details when finalising your credit card based on where you travel frequently.
  4. Some cards have certain fees that you need to pay to access airport lounges. On the other hand, some cards offer complimentary airport lounge visits.
  5. Look for additional travel-related perks and other benefits, such as discounts on shopping, entertainment, etc. 

With a Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card, you can get 4 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits which is every quarter 1 free access (4 in a year). You can also enjoy a range of offers and discounts with this card. For instance, you can get a cashback of up to 3% on every transaction and enjoy exciting dining offers at select restaurants in India. Download the Fibe App or log in to our website to apply for this card to enjoy these offers and discounts now!

FAQs on Credit Cards with Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

Is airport lounge access free with a credit card?

Yes, access to airport lounges with credit cards is complimentary. However, this facility is available only on certain cards and you can only get a certain number of complimentary airport lounge visits. So, read the credit card terms and conditions to know how many visits you can get with your credit card.

What is card eligibility for airport lounge access?

Credit cards with lounge access have varied eligibility criteria. For instance, to be eligible to get the Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card, you must be a resident Indian between 18 and 70 years of age.  

Is it possible for my wife to use my credit card for lounge access?

No, the person named on the card is the one who is allowed to use the credit card lounge access facility. 

How many times can we use airport lounge access?

The number times you can enjoy credit card lounge access depends on the card you have. For instance, you get 4 complimentary domestic airport lounge access visits with the Fibe Axis Bank Credit Card.


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