A Few Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Lockdown Chefs

  • Updated on: 10 Apr 2023
  • Published on: 12 Jul 2021
A Few Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Lockdown Chefs

The pandemic brought along with itself lockdowns and quarantines. All the hopes and desires of going to restaurants and trying different things to eat went down the drain. But humankind has always found ways to fight against adversity by innovating. The Internet came to their rescue and everyone tried to be chefs at their own homes making new and different kinds of food and beverages, which brought smiles and a lot of laughter to everyone’s faces despite the ruthless pandemic.

Now to achieve anything, you need support to enable your objective. In this case, lockdown chefs need different appliances in the kitchen to showcase their skills to themselves and their families. Gladly, with technological innovations taking place, there are several appliances which help to achieve objectives easily. Kitchen gadgets do not just save your time and money in the long-run, but also help in giving better results, reduced efforts, and better meal quality.


Yes, you can try doing most of the things on your cooktops, but the ease of process comes with the microwave. Imagine the birthdays celebrated in lockdown when you can’t even order a cake from outside for fear of viral transmission. The microwave comes to your rescue and you can bake your cakes with ease. It can be used for doing a lot more tasks, including cooking vegetables, pulses, rice, and heating cold stuff from last night. They come in different varieties based on capacity, features, and wattage.


A multipurpose gadget facilitating all three tasks is a true blessing for the kitchen. From creating batter to grinding different spices, it will help you in using your culinary skills. Also as everyone is trying to go healthy with different kinds of fruit juices, the juicer will give you the ease and advantage over crushing and trying to make juice by hand. Separate appliances are also available, but you must ensure you get one with good quality, sturdiness, and a brand.

Bread Toaster-Griller

This gadget will ensure that you can have your breakfast options sorted. These are easier to use and need minimal assistance and maintenance. They save a lot of time in the morning considering breakfast is supposed to be one of the most important meals of the day. Most of the time, these gadgets are sold separately and you can get and use them accordingly. One must always look for the ones having good heating features, the locking mechanism other than the compactness.

Hand Blender

The hard work that comes with manual whisking is reduced with a single button of the hand blender. You can avoid having to use your mixer every time you are trying to make soups, dals, or milkshakes. A glass of buttermilk after a sumptuous meal is a single click away! While buying one, ensure they are easy to clean and maintain and do not easily discolor.

Electric Kettle

As everyone is trying to switch towards healthy living and eating during this pandemic, all these healthy recipes require warm water. Instead of standing over the cook-top waiting for water to boil, this kettle automatically turns itself off when everything is done. Warm water can be used in everything from your curries to making your tea or coffee. If you don’t have a water purifier, you can use it to boil your water too and all this is cost-effective as compared to your cooking gas. You should ensure you are getting one that is perfect in size for your usage.

These gadgets would be necessities for your kitchen in the long run and hence you also need to consider buying them. Although there are various ways you can finance your kitchen appliances, one among them is considering taking an instant cash loan from Fibe. It is the one-stop solution for all of your immediate cash needs. Be it paying for your shopping bills or getting your kitchen essential needs, Fibe (Formerly EarlySalary) has got you covered. With easy registration and quick loan disbursal to your banks, you do not have to worry about extra documentation and prepayment charges.


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