Add-on Credit Card

Add-on Credit Cards are additional Credit Cards that are issued against a primary Credit Card. They are a form of secondary or supplementary Credit Card.

An add-on card, as the prefix suggests, is an extension of the credit card benefits to the immediate family members of the cardholder. The expenses incurred by the add-on benefactors are borne by the primary credit cardholder. 

Generally, there is no joining fee for the supplementary cards. The primary credit cardholder is entitled to a limited number of add-on cards, typically 2-3, for free. There might be an annual fee, less than or equal to the primary credit card, for each add-on card. The credit limit of the add-on credit cards is set equal to that of the primary credit card. 

Points to remember:

  • The credit limit on the supplementary cards can be set by the primary cardholder. It can be lower than the credit limit of the primary credit card.
  • Cash withdrawal limit may also be limited for the add-on credit cards by the credit card issuer or the primary cardholder.
  • The transactions made through the primary credit card and supplementary credit cards are consolidated into a single credit card statement. Rewards and redemptions of the primary credit card and add-on cards may be clubbed.   
  • The primary cardholder is responsible for all the dues and any delays in payment affect the credit score of the primary cardholder.
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