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For every employee's right to choose their salary day

Fibe Shakti helps your employees meet their big and small unforeseen expenses with ease. Employees can get up to 1.5X of their salary any time they want.

Fibe is the trusted partner for corporates across India

Our host of financial products like Fibe Shakti enables blue-collared workers to access up to 1.5X of their salary.


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The Fibe Advantage

For Employers

Set up a salary advance program at minimal cost and liability*

Seamless integration with our easy plug-and-play systems

Customisable products to suit the needs of the company

Improve employee productivity and reduce attrition rate

For Employees

Employee get a salary advance of up to 1.5 times of their salary

Repay advance easily over 3 months at a nominal interest rate

Build a credit history to get access to reliable financing solutions

Access financial guidance programs from industry experts

Get started in just 4 steps


Sign up

Corporate ties up to activate Fibe Shakti


Payroll system

Fibe integrates with the payroll system



Employees apply for an advance via payroll



Repayment is done via payroll auto-deduction

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India’s leading Instant Loan App enjoys over a million app downloads, and a rating of 4.2/5 from over 75,000 users.

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