Disrupt India's Credit Sector With Us

At Fibe, we envision bringing financial independence to our customers, liberating them from financial restrictions, allowing them to manage credit with ease, whenever they need it, wherever they need it. We're a bunch of inspired, talented folks working to elevate India's credit landscape, and touch millions of lives while we're at it. Our open culture prioritises transparency, flexibility and helps us deliver on our ambitious goals. If you share our enthusiasm for leveraging technology to improve lives, and look forward to working with the best in the industry, get in touch on our open positions below.

Current Job Openings

recruiting team

How our recruiting team works

Applying for a job isn't easy. Here's how our recruiting team reduces the discomfort.

recruiting team

From on-campus events to online applications, interviews, and presentations, we have a diverse recruitment process. At Fibe we are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent. As an organisation, we specialise in nurturing our associates to achieve their potential and outdo themselves. Whether it is an internal job secondment, or working on cross functional projects or solving challenging tasks, we see an opportunity for you to grow across functions.