Need ₹1 Lacs Emergency Loan Urgently? Apply Here

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22 February 2023

Need ₹1 Lacs Emergency Loan Urgently? Apply Here

Highlight: Get an emergency loan within minutes of application and approval with minimal documentation, liberal eligibility criteria and flexible repayment options.

On a day-to-day basis, we face many unpredictable situations. At times we stumble upon unfortunate situations we don’t see coming at all. And there are times when these unpredictable situations need resources, most importantly money. Not everyone has a safety net to rely on at times of need, and sometimes even those who save up for emergencies run out of those resources. This is when emergency loans can be considered a course. 

Emergency loans help people who need instant cash during various unpredictable situations like medical emergencies, car repairs or any other personal emergency with genuine concern. Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies can provide you instant money after a set of documentation is completed and verified. Irrespective of the purpose of the loan, applying for a loan during an emergency is always efficient and hassle-free due to the nature of the situation.  

When should you consider an emergency loan?

Emergency loans are exclusively designed to help you financially during emergencies. However, these emergencies can be subjective to different customers and situations. These collective situations are categorised for a better understanding of the customers.

  • Home expense/ repair/ maintenance – running a house can be expensive and requires a lot of damage control, maintenance and even fixations from time to time. Home expenses can turn up anytime without any indications and can require a lot of money: for example, water leakage, repairing of appliances, severe damage due to weather conditions, etc. To address this problem quickly without delay due to a shortage of money, turning towards an emergency loan can be logical. 
  • Medical emergencies- medical emergencies are inevitable and require a lot of money when the emergency comes to the point of surgery, extensive treatment, or rare medical care. These situations also require quick money; this is when emergency loans can help you deal with the situation efficiently.
  • Uncertain miscellaneous situations – we deal with many unexpected situations that we are not ready for financially, such as funerals, unexpected travel, business needs, etc. Such situations can be dealt with using emergency loans. 

Advantages of a Fibe Emergency Loan

  • Quick processing: The Fibe Emergency Loan is called an emergency loan for a reason. When dealing with such situations, people need instant money without wasting even the bare minimum processing time. This type of loan requires the least amount of time to process and verify, making it easy for the customers to access the money they applied for.  
  • No minimum credit score: Your credit score can always be a barrier when applying for a loan in every other financial institute or bank. The most significant perk of a Fibe Emergency Loan is that it can help you raise your credit score if repaid in time. The no minimum credit score policy will make it easier for an applicant with a low credit score and not be a barrier when applying for a Fibe Emergency Loan. However, it has to be noted that your credit score will be referred to when deciding the applicant’s interest rates. 
  • Easy application: Applying for a loan can be a lengthy and tedious process. Here at Fibe, the application process for a Fibe Emergency Loan is kept to a minimum for quick processing and can be completed online within minutes

Eligibility for applying for a Fibe Emergency Loan

While applying, the applicant must fit in the liberal eligibility criteria set by Fibe. 

  • The applicant should be a resident of India.
  • The applicant must be in the age range of 21 to 55 years. 
  • The applicant must have an income of ₹18,000 (metro cities) and of ₹15,000 (non-metro cities).

Document requirements:

  • Identity proof: PAN Card/Aadhaar card
  • Permanent address proof: Voter card / Utility bill / Driver’s licence/ Passport.
  • Last three months’ statement with salary credits.

5 reasons why you should apply for a Fibe Emergency Loan

  1. Get an instant loan right from ₹5,000 up to ₹5 lacs, which is easier for any cash transactions within 10 minutes of an approved loan. 
  2. After downloading and registering on the Fibe, apply for a loan and get the money transferred to your bank account in minutes. 
  3. Liberal eligibility and easy online application with no repayment charges. 

Fibe provides you with the same services fit for an emergency that can get you the money you need instantly with flexible repayment options. 

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