Balakrishnan Narayanan

Chief Product & Analytics Officer

Balakrishnan Narayanan


Data Analytics | Data Science



MBA in Finance and Business Analytics


Lives in

Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Balakrishnan Narayanan

Balakrishnan Narayanan is currently serving as the Head of Analytics and Product at Fibe, India's leading consumer lending application for salaried individuals. With two decades of professional experience, Balakrishnan has emerged as a key figure in the fields of Data Science and Product Management. His forward-thinking approach and innovative ideas have not only marked significant milestones in his career but have also played a pivotal role in guiding organisations towards transformative strategies. Known for his exceptional leadership skills, Balakrishnan is dedicated to solving complex business problems and optimising processes across diverse business lines.

Education Qualification

Balakrishnan Narayanan has pursued a diverse educational path, earning an MBA in the Finance sector from Mumbai. He further enriched his expertise by completing a Master’s in Business Analytics at the prestigious UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in Dublin. This educational background reflects Bala's commitment to acquiring a well-rounded skill set in both finance and business analytics.

Professional Experience

With 20 years of professional experience, Balakrishnan Narayanan has transitioned from Data Science to Product Management, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. As a Director of Product and Analytics at Fibe, he manages the entire product segment, illustrating his proficiency in overseeing strategic aspects of the business. Balakrishnan's leadership extends to his role as an analytics director, where he supervises data analytics and data warehousing departments, ensuring alignment with company priorities. His ability to draw meaningful insights from large datasets has been instrumental in advancing strategic decision-making and fostering a robust data-driven culture within the organisation. Balakrishnan's dedication to staying abreast of innovations in the data science landscape makes him a highly sought-after specialist in his field.