Anil Sinha

Chief Technology Officer

Anil Sinha


Tech and Analytics



B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur


Lives in

Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Anil Sinha

Anil Sinha serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Fibe, overseeing technical operations for India's largest consumer lending application designed for salaried individuals. With a wealth of experience in techno-functional leadership roles, Anil has a proven track record of delivering complex products in distributed data processing, particularly in the realms of trade processing and risk analytics.

Education Qualification

Anil earned his B. Tech degree in electrical engineering from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. His educational background has laid a solid foundation for his career in technology, providing him with the necessary skills to excel in his current role as the CTO at Fibe.


Before joining Fibe, Anil held the position of Vice President at Deutsche Bank and has contributed significantly to renowned institutions such as Barclays Investment Bank, RBS Global Banking & Markets, Nagarro and Interra Information Technologies. His career has been marked by a focus on increasing operational efficiency through automation and cloud technologies. Anil's expertise extends to the authorship of 'Building Blocks of Blockchain,' a widely acclaimed non-fictional book elucidating core concepts related to Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Anil's industry insights have been shared in various forums, where he has been invited as a guest speaker to discuss prevailing trends.