Amit Saraf

Head of Finance & Legal

Amit Saraf


Finance and Legal



Chartered Accountant, The ICAI


Lives in

Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Amit Saraf

Amit Saraf is a seasoned Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of post-qualification experience in various facets of Finance, Accounting, and Taxation. His expertise extends to both the Indian and international financial landscapes, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of global financial practices. With a strong foundation in areas like Fundraising, MIS, Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Budgeting, Amit has demonstrated his proficiency across diverse industries, including Fintech, Advertising, Media and Entertainment and Telecom. As a dynamic and experienced professional, Amit is recognised for his strategic leadership and team-oriented approach.

Education Qualification

Amit Saraf is a qualified Chartered Accountant, reflecting a robust academic background and a commitment to excellence in the field of finance. His educational journey has equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of financial management, taxation and related disciplines.

Professional Experience

Amit Saraf has an impressive career spanning over 15 years, characterised by leadership roles in the Finance and Accounts function in both listed and non-listed environments. His multifaceted experience encompasses Finance, Accounting, Taxation (both in India and abroad), Fundraising with private equity and banks, Management Information Systems (MIS), Initial Public Offering (IPO), and Budgeting. Notably, Amit has excelled as a team player, overseeing large teams in diverse industries, including Fintech, Advertising, Media & Entertainment and Telecom. His collaborative approach is further evident in his interactions with stakeholders such as bankers, Big-4 auditors, consultants, customers, suppliers and legal professionals, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the intricate web of financial ecosystems.