Min KYC Terms & Conditions

I hereby state that I agree to authenticate myself with OTP-based customer identification process. Further, I expressly consent to and authorize the Transcorp International Limited, to do and undertake any of the following, in relation to my application details including my Name, Mobile Number, OVD number and sensitive information about me, information, papers and data relating to know your customer (KYC), credit information, and any other information whether about me or not as may be deemed relevant by the Transcorp International Limited (collectively, “Information”) for the purposes of (“Purposes”) OTP based KYC

  1. to use devices and/or software, including the app, to capture my Information, which will be used for the Information verification and Purposes;
  2. process Information including by way of storing, structuring, organizing, reproducing, copying, using, profiling, etc. as may be deemed fit by the Transcorp International Limited;
  3. to store the Information for such period as may be required for contract, by law or for the Transcorp International Limited’ s evidential and claims purposes, whichever is longer;
  4. to share and disclose the Information to service providers, consultants, credit information companies, information utilities, other Transcorp International Limited and financial institutions, affiliates, subsidiaries, regulators, investigating agencies, judicial, quasi-judicial and statutory authorities, or to other persons as may be necessary in connection with the contractual or legal requirements or in the legitimate interests of the Transcorp International Limited or as per the consent;
  5. any of the aforesaid may be exercised by the Transcorp International Limited for the purposes mentioned above, for the purposes of credit appraisal, fraud detection, anti-money laundering obligations, for entering into contract, for direct marketing, for developing credit scoring models and business strategies, for monitoring, for evaluating and improving the quality of services and products, for other legitimate purposes or for any purposes with consent.