Merchant Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”)

I am interested in availing services/ procuring products from the merchant whom I have requested for Share Code (“Merchant”) with the help of credit facilities. For this purpose, I am willing to apply for loans/credit facilities from Non-Banking Financial Companies and other financial Institutions (“NBFC Partner”) associated with Social Worth Technologies Private Limited (“Fibe”).

I agree to share this Share Code only with the Merchant mentioned in the Share Code message/SMS received by me. I also agree to inform the Share Code within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the said message/SMS.

Based on this backdrop, I hereby willingly share the ‘Share Code’ to the Merchant which I have received on my mobile number. By sharing the Share Code to the Merchant, I hereby voluntarily at my own discretion submit my consent allowing the Merchant to share my personal information, including but not limited to name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, email id, employment type, PAN, (“Personal Information”) with Fibe and its verification partners for the purpose of establishing my identity and/or checking my credit worthiness for availing loans/credit facilities provided by the NBFC Partner. I also hereby understand and acknowledge that sharing the Personal Information is no assurance of receiving loans/credit facilities from NBFC Partner and providing the availing loans/credit facilities is the sole discretion of NBFC Partner of Fibe.

By sharing the Share Code to the Merchant, I consent to the terms and conditions of Fibe.  I also understand that my Personal Information will be used for the purposes mentioned in the above paragraph and for the purposes mentioned as per the terms and conditions of Fibe attached along with these T&Cs. I also hereby understand that my Personal Information shall be stored by Fibe, NBFC Partner and its verification partners as per applicable laws.

I understand that after analyzing my Personal Information, Fibe may contact me via calls/sms/emails for explaining me the process for the availing the loans/credit facilities from NBFC Partner. I also understand that sharing the Share Code to the Merchant, will make be subject to calls/sms/emails from Fibe/NBFC Partners for promoting their current and future loans/credit facilities and other marketing activities, for which hereby I consent as well.

I hereby declare that all the information is voluntarily furnished by me and is true, correct and complete and I will not hold Merchant, Fibe and its verification partners or any of its officials shall not be responsible in case of any incorrect information provided by me.

  I accept the terms and conditions