Worried About Child’s Future? Don’t Be


16 December 2022

Worried About Child’s Future? Don’t Be

Education is possibly the most important aspect of a successful life. While this is quite true with respect to a financially stable life, education is so much more. It helps you figure out what you like the most about life, what you want to work with in life. So yes, education is absolutely necessary for all. Sadly, in today’s times, education is also quite expensive. It can be a heavy burden, financially, on parents or even adults looking to get an education themselves.

Education Loans To Ease Your Burden

Quality education calls for quality educational institutions. And with education pretty much being a business these days, studying at such institutions requires a considerable amount of funds. Putting a child through school in a good school in itself can be straining on your finances at times. Adults looking to acquire new skills can also be bogged down by the expenses learning can incur. Thankfully, an education loan can help you out with the financial side of education until you are stable. But education loans come with their own problems too.

Traditionally speaking, banks have been the most popular source of education loans. But our financial structures have evolved fairly rapidly in the recent past. Now, credit is available from multiple different sources, with some of them arguably superior to conventional banking channels. EarlySalary is one that stands out from the crowd for its trust and ease of procedure. With a quick and hassle-free process, EarlySalary works hard so that you can concentrate on your education without worry. In fact, with a partnership with Avanse, a leading firm in educational loans, EarlySalary is best placed as a source of education loans to everyone.

Education loans are offered by many of the financial institutions, virtual or physical. What makes EarlySalary stand out is the integrity and the fast-paced processing with which the company works:

  • With other institutions, you will likely be left to follow a tedious and irksome process just to apply. 
  • Then comes the long and anxious wait for the approval of the loan. 
  • Finally, you have to wait for the disbursal of the loan. 
  • Only after all of this is done will you be able to start on whichever educational path you have decided to tread. 

Who wouldn’t want to opt for a better alternative? And now you can do just that with EarlySalary’s program called FeES.

School FeES Can Help You With All Your Educational Expenses

School FeES by EarlySalary is a wonderful program that parents and adults can use, not just to simply pay school or other educational fees, but also do it instantly, without effort. Should you be required to pay quarterly fees or annually, FeES will do that and more by making the deposit process a quick task. You no longer have to worry about any delays or the deposit process. Simply download the EarlySalary app, register with a mobile number and you are all set. We can sense you are thirsty to know more, so let’s look at how you can get started with the School FeES program. 

First off, eligibility. Let’s get that checked off before we move further. The eligibility criteria for the School FeES is simple, and as follows;

  • First off, you must be a resident of India.
  • You must be above 21 years and below 55 years of age.
  • You must be a salaried individual with a minimum salary of INR 18,000 if in a metro city or INR 15,000 if in a non-metro city.

Pretty straightforward isn’t it? Now that you have made sure you are eligible, let’s look at some of the features of the FeEs program.

FeES Offers More Than Just Education Loans

FeES provides you with more than just money. It brings easy procedures and a quick procedure. EarlySalary is not here just to offer you a loan, but to give you peace of mind. Here’s a closer look at some of the features of this program;

  • Depending on your eligibility, you can acquire an education loan of up to INR 5,00,000.  
  • No paperwork required. Directly transfer the required amount from credit limit to the institution.
  • Enjoy benefits of Fibe’s tie-ups with firms in the education sector, making it even easier than before.
  • Multiple options for loan repayment – choose between 3 to 12 EMIs for repayment. With no pre-payment charges.
  • Control all education loan procedures and records using the Fibe app.
  • You no longer have to deal with internal dilemmas between your kids, since EarlySalary offers two FeEs loans at the same time.

Pretty neat isn’t it? FeES loan can be a boon for parents looking to secure their children’s lives; those looking to learn something new or someone hoping to acquire better skills. All are welcome to make use of this wonderful education loan on offer by Fibe

EarlySalary strives to make the lives of its customers as easy as they can. To make sure they do not spend any more sleepless nights awaiting the approval of education loans. We believe those eager to learn should be encouraged, not slowed down. Getting started off with EarlySalary is as easy as the loan procedures we offer! Simply download our app and avail our education loan. 

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