ICICI Bank balance enquiry number: Know it all

  • Updated on: 22 Jun 2023
  • Published on: 20 Jun 2023
ICICI Bank balance enquiry number: Know it all

Staying updated with your bank balance is crucial in enjoying seamless transactions, no matter whether it is a savings or current account. In fact, this practice helps you plan your finances better, especially if you are expecting a big-ticket expense to come up. 

ICICI Bank is a popular, award-winning financial institution, which is known to provide innovative services to customers. If you have a bank account with ICICI, you can access a variety of digital banking conveniences. One among them is knowing how to get your bank account balance. 

Thankfully, there are multiple ICICI Bank balance enquiry options. From giving a call on the ICICI Bank balance enquiry number to signing in to your account, ICICI Bank offers easy and simple ways to stay on top of your accounts. Read on to learn more. 

ICICI balance enquiry via SMS

One way to check your account balance is by sending an SMS to 9215676766. All you need to do is send a message in this format: 

IBAL<space><last 6 digits of your account number>

Make sure to send the SMS on this ICICI Bank balance enquiry number through your registered mobile number. Once you send the SMS, you will receive your account balance details via text in a few minutes.

ICICI balance enquiry through a missed call

Call the following ICICI Bank balance checking number 9594612612 from your registered number. The call automatically gets disconnected once you dial, and you will then receive a text with the details. 

ICICI balance enquiry with WhatsApp banking

One of the latest options to to make an ICICI Bank balance enquiry is to open your WhatsApp and message ‘Hi’ to 86400 86400. Through this number, you can access numerous banking and financial services requests, including checking your ICICI Bank account balance. 

Here is a summary of the various modes you can rely on to check your ICICI Bank account balance.

ICICI Balance Enquiry ModeICICI Balance Enquiry Contact Number
ICICI Bank Balance Check Number for SMS9215676766
ICICI Missed Call Balance Number9594612612 
ICICI Bank Balance Check Number for WhatsApp86400 86400

Alternative options for checking ICICI Bank balance 

You can also place an ICICI Bank balance enquiry request through these alternative methods:

  • Through the nearest ATM

Visit an ICICI ATM near you and use your debit card to know your account balance. You can find the nearest ATM by visiting the bank’s official website and scrolling down to the ‘FIND ATM/BRANCH’ option on the personal banking page.

  • With mobile banking 

Through the ‘iMobile Pay’app, you can get quick updates on your account balance. Mobile banking is an easy and simple way to know the balance immediately.   

  • Call the customer care number

Another option to know your account balance is calling on this number – 1800 1080. Through it, you can get in touch with the customer care team. Give them the necessary information to know the balance in your account. If you are travelling overseas, you can call on: +912233667777.

  • ICICI net banking:

Lastly, you can simply log in to your ICICI Internet Banking account to know the account balance. Visit the website and log in with your credentials to know your account information. 

With these effective ways, you can get an instant account balance update on your mobile, helping you assess your finances. Knowing your account balance also helps you understand when you need a loan, and here’s where Fibe’s Instant Personal Loan can help. 

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FAQs on ICICI Bank balance enquiry

How can I check my ICICI Bank balance by a missed call?

To know your account balance via a missed call, give a call on this ICICI Bank balance enquiry number – 9594612612 from your registered number. The call disconnects automatically, and in a few seconds, you will receive a text with the information. 

How can I check my ICICI Bank account balance by SMS?

To check your account balance via SMS, you can send a text like this: IBAL<space><last 6 digits of account number> to 9215676766 with your registered mobile number. 

How do I check my ICICI account balance on WhatsApp?

ICICI Bank’s balance enquiry number for WhatsApp is 8640086400. Simply text ‘Hi’ and provide the necessary information to know the account balance.

How can I check my ICICI bank statement on my mobile?

You can get access to your ICICI Bank account statement in various ways. This includes visiting the bank’s website and opening the mobile app, and logging in to your account. You can also register for e-statements on the bank’s official website. You can also get the details of your last three transactions by dialling 9594613613 from your registered number. Once the call disconnects, you will receive a text with the requested details.


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